Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eleven Faced Rudraksha Bead

Eleven Faced Rudraksha Bead The Eleven Faced rudraksha bead does not have any particular ruling planet. The ruling lords of this rudraksha bead are Lord Indra and Lord Hanuman (eleventh rudra). This bead is also known as 'Ekadash Rudraksha'. The 11 Mukhi bead induces courage and confidence in the wearer to lead an adventurous life and makes him strong, wise, healthy and without disease. This bead is highly suitable for meditation purpose and blesses the wearer with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, fearlessness and success. It also removes all obstacles and problems and cures many chronic diseases. This bead is considered a good remedy for problems related with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The ancient scripts say that the wearer of 11 mukhi bead gets the same merits as those obtained by sacrifice of One thousand horses or gift of One thousand cows. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha bead is also said to grant salvation as the wearer is not born again. This bead used as a remedy for body pain, backache, chronic alcoholism, liver diseases etc.

The mantra’s of eleven mukhi rudraksha is 'Aum Hreem Hum Namah' and 'Om Shree Rudray Namah' .