Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fifteen Faced Rudraksha

Fifteen Faced Rudraksha Bead Fifteen Faced Rudraksha bead is governed by Lord Pashupati and works as a powerful remedy for curing skin diseases, repeated miscarriage, still births, supernatural problems, Chronic health problems, non-curable diseases, Cancer etc. The possessor of the fifteen mukhi bead never will lack wealth or be inflicted by any type of skin diseases or evil spirits. This bead is recommended for improving intuitive, abstract and lateral thinking. This Rudraksha is normally placed in a very sacred place in the house. This Rudraksha bead is ruled by "Rahu". It is believed that when Lord Vishwakarma made all the deadly weapons for all Gods, he prayed to Lord Shiva for success and got the fifteen mukhi rudraksha from Lord Shiva as a Blessing. The effects of this bead are similar to that of a fourteen mukhi rudraksha.

The Mantra’s for 15 mukhi is 'Om Namashivaye' and ' Om Pashupataya Namaha '. One can also chant the 'mahamrityunjay mantra'