Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ganesh Rudraksha Bead

Ganesh Rudraksha Bead Ganesh Rudraksha bead represents Lord Ganesha who is the remover of all obstacles and brings in luck to the wearer. This bead has a natural protrusion similar to the trunk of Lord Ganesha. This bead is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence, and power. This bead can be worn or kept at the place of worship to get benefits. The Ganesha rudraksha bead enhances luck and gives the wearer perfection in every sphere of life. Wearing this bead is auspicious when starting a new venture and is recommended for those facing obstacles and troubles in life.

The mantra's for Ganesh Rudraksha bead are 'Om Gam Ganpatayay Namoh Namah' , 'Om Ganeshaya Namah' and 'Om Hum Namah'.