Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rudraksha Rosary

Rudraksha Rosary Rudraksha Beads Rosary or Japa Mala is considered most auspicious and is considered the best options to be adopted for alternative medicine methodologies like meditation, tai chi, yoga, biofeedback etc. Rudraksha Malas have been worn by Saints and Sages from ages for attaining spiritual attributes. The power of Rudraksha Beads has greatly influenced Buddhism and other religions as well. Rudraksha Beads are also worn by those desiring good health, peace, happiness, spiritual enlightment, prosperity, family harmony, attraction, fearless life and several other spiritual gains.

A rudraksha rosary is also referred to as ‘Japa Mala' as it is used for japa(chanting). The Rudraksha Rosary is normally made out of 5 mukhi Rudraksha Beads in auspicious numbers like 108+1, 54+1 or 27+1. The +1 bead is called Sumeru and it is not crossed while chanting. Sumeru is considered as boundary for the one to reverse the direction for further counting while chanting. According to Puranas that Rudraksha are to be worn in different numbers on the different parts of the body like head, neck, wrists, both fore arms, waist, abdomen etc to acquire Special Siddhis. The number of beads is very important when wearing on different parts of the body like 27 or 54 or 108 for neck, 32 for throat, six, eleven or fifteen for arms, 5 for the waist etc.